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The Benefits of Music

Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein

“The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition, and music is the driving force behind this intuition. My parents had me study the violin from the time I was six. My new discovery is the result of musical perception”

The neuroscience research at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, Canada shows that music and art have a proven positive impact in many ways:

  • Encourages the verbal/non-verbal self-expression of thoughts and feelings
  • Helps people process and work through pain and/or traumatic experiences
  • Facilitates positive self-esteem
  • Promotes a sense of independence, feelings of control and problem solving skills
  • Creates and retrieves memories through music and art experiences
  • Teaches effective techniques to self-manage depression, stress and anxiety
  • Facilitates hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while easing muscle tension
  • Raises awareness and orientation to things such as time, date and place
  • Increases attention-span and decreases frustration levels
  • Provides an opportunity to enhance imagination, be creative and have fun
  • Creates stronger neural connections
  • Improves memory and attention
  • Improves reading, listening, and critical thinking skills
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