Keys of Inspiration™

Making Change


“Music has the power of producing a certain effect on the moral character of the soul, and if it has the power to do this, it is clear that the young must be directed to music and must be educated in it.”  –Aristotle, Politics

Keys of Inspiration™ is a three-year public school partnership program that has established a replicable pathway into the world of music for grades 2-5, and will serve as a model for urban public school music programs across the country.  Keys of Inspiration™ encourages piano performance at all levels as a means of social development for youth by providing students with a safe, creative outlet in school. Selected schools receive a fully equipped piano lab, teaching materials and workbooks, and a financial grant of $30,000-paid annually for three years.

In the Keys of Inspiration™ Piano Lab students build self-confidence, develop a drive for excellence and a sense of achievement.  There has been a wealth of research in the benefits of music education, proving that music study enhances the neurological and cognitive development in children. Music training improves memory, boosts language and math skills, and has demonstrated an overall improvement in test scores. We believe that by simply exposing children to music, and igniting a passion for music, we are helping students aim for a better future.

Our foundation operates with the conviction that music is a universal language and can open opportunities for communication, understanding and acceptance across cultural borders. We strive to ignite a passion for music in youth so that they can be leaders in bridging cultural gaps, helping to unite local and global communities. We believe that by encouraging music study in the public school setting, we are laying the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow.


School Selection Criteria:

New School Criteria:

  • Title 1 School
  • 75% minimum enrollment in Free/Reduced Lunch Program
  • 50% or more of students failing to meet State Test Standards in Math and ELA

Schools will possess a need of:

  • An emotional outlet,  to provide at risk students with access to creative,  self-expression in areas where there might be environmental tension
  • Higher academic achievement



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