101 Pianists™

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The 101 PIANISTS performances aim to inspire the next generation of music lovers and performers by engaging 100 young pianists in a unique social musical event with Lang Lang.

Guided by Lang Lang’s encouraging teaching style, these young piano enthusiasts celebrate their love of playing, experiment with collaboration with other musicians, and enjoy the inherently social nature of the traditionally solo piano during a master class and public performance. The participants create a joyous sound magnified one hundred times over and provide an extraordinary show for their local youth community who comprise the majority of the audience.

To date this program has inspired over 100,000 audience members and 1200 piano students.


In 2009 Lang Lang brought 100 pianists together for a unique performance that produced something greater than any single performer could create alone. The event was a celebration of the beauty and social nature of the piano. The Lang Lang International Music Foundation recreates this magic in wonderful venues around the world and these events have been described by the media and host institutions as “extravaganzas!”This program has been conducted in Paris, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Rome along with many other international cities.  101 Pianists is welcomed by its hosted communities as an educational workshop. 
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