LLIMF Lifetime Philanthropy Award

Joan H. and Sanford I. Weill were honored with the LLIMF Lifetime Philanthropy Award


Joan H. and Sanford I. Weill, known for their generous donations and work with New York City staples such as Carnegie Hall, Alvin Ailey, Weill Cornell Medicine, and National Academy Foundation, were honored with the LLIMF Lifetime Philanthropy Award. They gave a heartfelt speech on their long-time relationship with the global pianist prodigy, Lang Lang, who they have known since he was 17 years-old and urged guests to support this very important cause, emphasizing the importance of music education and the integrity of LLIMF and its leaders. “Lang Lang is the largest donor to this foundation,” said Sandy Weill, “very few people take money out of their own pocket to fund their own organization. Lang Lang is a unique individual. This is not something you see often.”

This special honor goes to someone who has demonstrated their long-term commitment to the mission of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation. They have dedicated themselves to facilitating our programs, and creating opportunities in music education.

The recipient of the award is someone who is enthusiastic about the programs and opportunities they help create. They understand the need for music education, and believe that music can open doors in children’s lives to unique opportunities.

The recipient of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation Lifetime Philanthropy Award believes and demonstrates through their involvement with the Foundation, that when you give a child the gift of music, you give a child the world.

Tonight, we are honored to present this award to Joan & Sandy Weill. Nobody is more deserving than these two who I have been privileged and honored to call my dear friends for the last 15 years when I first met them at Carnegie Hall on April 16, 2001. They celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary this past June, 5 days after I celebrated my 34th birthday. That’s pretty cool, right!! June is a special month for us and I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Joan also celebrated her 21st birthday on June 20th!

My dear Joan and Sandy are partners in every sense of the words. I cannot begin to tell you all how much I have learned from them over the years by the way they lead and the way they care, which continues to make an incredible difference throughout our world. They lead not just by writing a check, but by devoting their time, energy, experiences and intelligence to the organizations they are passionate about and have been involved with for many years. In addition to the terrific work they do with Alvin Ailey, Carnegie Hall, Weill Cornell, NAF, UCSF, and Sonoma State University, just to name a few, we are thrilled to have their support of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation.

When I first began thinking about starting a foundation, Joan and Sandy were the ones I immediately confided in. They have been with me and the Foundation every step of the way and I am beyond grateful for this. Education is at the heart of everything that they do and I know they work tirelessly and pride themselves on seeing that music, the arts, and culture help bridge cultural divides that exist throughout our world. Together, we are making a difference and we will continue making a difference in the hearts and minds of our younger generation thanks to the work of the Weill’s and all of you here tonight.

It is really a dream come true for me to present the inaugural Lang Lang International Music Foundation Lifetime Philanthropy Award to Joan and Sandy Weill. I love you both very much!

– Lang Lang




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