Lang Lang Piano Plaza had its grand opening in Shenyang

On August 17th, Lang Lang performed at the piano plaza in Shenyang, named after his own name—Lang Lang Piano Plaza (LLPP). It is the only piano plaza around the world that is named after a living pianist.

The plaza is located at the south bank of Hunhe, also known as Shenshui River in ancient times. The stage mainly consists of steel structures and new materials, designed like a huge pure pearl, so the piano plaza is also called ‘The shining pearl on the Shenshui River’. Its hemispherical ‘shell’ will be opened when a performance begins, and a piano will be pulled out to the center of stage.

“I was very thrilled when I heard about there is a plaza named after my name in my hometown, Shenyang. So I come back immediately when I flew back to China. I am very proud to perform here today for my hometown, along with many talented next generation musicians.
I played at Waldbühne Berlin, at Central Park in New York and at Schloss Schonbrunn in Vienna before, but it’s the different experience for me this time, it’s in my hometown! The beautiful scenery makes me really relaxed! ”

People started gathering since 2’o clock to wait for their super star pianist. “We have been looking forward to this performance since a month ago! The Plaza is really great for our leisure time.”

From the middle of August, Lang Lang Piano Plaza will present a series of performance for their citizens and tourists at every 4:30PM. All the events and shows at the plaza are free of charge for audiences. It means this plaza is a public welfare facility for everyone who loves music. Lang Lang also donated a piano for this plaza to support culture/musical cultivation of his hometown. Performers are selected from teachers and students in professional Music Schools, skilled amateurs. This program is supported by Shenyang government, Shenyang Conservatory of Music, Lang Lang Music World and Lang Lang International Music Foundation (LLIMF).

“My dream is there is a place in my hometown that everyone can enjoy music for free, and it comes true! I also want to invite all talented young generation musicians around the world to come here to perform. It’s not only a piano plaza, but also a cultural paradise that brings the music lovers together to have spiritual communication and to share emotional resonance.”

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