Keys Of Inspiration® Conference

On July 9-10, the Lang Lang International Music Foundation® will be hosting it’s third annual Keys of Inspiration® Conference, in Philadelphia.

This year, we are proud to offer our most comprehensive professional development opportunity for our teachers to date. We know that music has the power to transform lives. With this in mind, our goal for this year was to not only provide our teachers with the fundamentals of the KOI piano lab, but also with a variety of inspiring sessions to fuel their teaching.

The purpose of this year’s conference is to create a sense of community within the KOI program, and to provide our teachers with an exchange of ideas and inspiration from fellow educators.

CONFERENCE Information and Itinerary Sessions:

Getting to Know Your Piano Laura Zaruta, Roland

All about your Roland FP-30 pianos! This hands-on session will cover piano setup, how to access on-board functions, using a USB key, and app integration. We will discuss classroom applications for each function and why this is important for student engagement.

Group Piano Teaching 101 Laura Zaruta, Roland

What does a successful group piano class look like? Topics will include classroom management ideas, lesson plan ideas, and Lang Lang method integration. Whether you are a classroom teacher with limited piano experience, or a piano teacher with limited classroom experience, this session will bring everything together and leave you excited for the fall!

LLIMF Philosophy Ariela Rossberg, Lang Lang International Music Foundation®

This session will explore the philosophy behind the Lang Lang International Music Foundation®, and Keys of Inspiration® program. We will review how LLIMF and the KOI program are working to revolutionize what music education looks like in public schools, and how you can adapt the program to fit your school community.

Exploring the Keys of Inspiration® Curriculum Dr. Janet Lopinski, The Royal Conservatory of Music

This workshop will explore the monthly objectives and learning outcomes for the Keys of Inspiration® program, including an overview of the four pillars of music study and sample activities.

Music and the Brain Dr. Sean Hutchins, The Royal Conservatory of Music

In this session, we will discuss the positive impact that music can have on the developing brain, and the cognitive skills that underlie musical abilities. We will cover music in terms of its required mental abilities, such as attention, memory, and cognitive flexibility, and talk about how music training can transfer to other skills, like literacy.

Engaging Activities for Group Piano Amy Glennon (Co-Director of Practical Piano Pedagogy)

Interactive and off-the-bench activities can reinforce important musicianship skills while energizing a group piano lesson. A variety of activities and games designed to involve each student will be explored and experienced.

Making Music Matters Lee Whitmore, GRAMMY Music Education Coalition

The GRAMMY Music Education Coalition is on a journey to ensure that every American young person makes and creates music every week in school and in their community. The Lang Lang International Music Foundation® has joined with founders the Recording Academy, Berklee, the National Association for Music Education, and more have joined together to ensure there are music teachers in all schools, and great music programming and participation, throughout the United States. Dr. Lee Whitmore, the Coalition executive director, will share how you can be involved in the Coalition, and help make music matter in your community.

Keys to Innovative Music Education for All Students Frank Machos, School District of Philadelphia

This session will explore defining and developing well-rounded music education inclusive and engaging for 21st century students of diverse cultures, abilities, and learning styles. Along with focusing on the influence of popular and world cultures on music education today, discussion will explore the piano as a foundation and vehicle for engaging instruction.

Breakout Session I:

During this hour long work session, you’ll have a chance to separate into your assigned groups, and create a mini-lesson utilizing your assigned curriculum month and suggested materials. You have one hour to create a lesson.

Each group will have 10 minutes to present their mini-lesson, with 5 additional minutes for feedback/answering questions.

Breakout Session II:

During this session, you’ll split up into groups for a chance to work closely with your district colleagues. For those of you representing your district individually, you’ve been placed in a regional group. Following a set of prompts, your group will discuss the various challenges you face as music educators, your goals, and creative ways to engage your students and community. Afterwards, we will come together and share.

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