Keys Of Inspiration® Conference 2019

On August 30-31, 2019, we brought teachers from across the nation to Newark’s First Avenue Elementary School for our 4th annual Keys of Inspiration® Conference.

Our KOI teachers heard from Dr. Sean Hutchins, Director of Research, and Dr. Janet Lopinski, Senior Director of Academic Programs, from The Royal Conservatory of Music  (TRCM) on the impact of early childhood music education, and the KOI curriculum–which was written in collaboration with TRCM.
Dr. Gary Ingle, the Executive Director and CEO of Music Teachers National Association, spoke to our teachers on the important role music teachers play in the lives of students and Dr. Nathan Street, Director of Fine Arts for Guilford County Schools, gave a talk on how teachers can advocate for continued arts education in their districts.
The teachers were also fortunate enough to hear Laura Zaruta from Roland give a hands-on workshop on how to successfully integrate their state-of-the-art FP-30 keyboards into their classrooms, Koriana Bradford, a veteran KOI teacher, give an energizing and interactive lesson, and our own Ariela Rossberg, Director of the Keys of Inspiration®

Program, explain the philosophy behind the Keys of Inspiration® program and how the Lang Lang Foundation can help them implement it.
It was an amazing two days spent with incredible educators, and we are so proud to have everyone who attended in the KOI family!

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