About the Partnership



Allianz and the Lang Lang International Music Foundation share a common vision – to inspire the next generation of classical musicians and pass on their passion of music.


In 2013, the Allianz Junior Music Camp was established to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young, talented pianists from around the world. Each year, the Allianz Junior Music Cam brings together young talents at major global cities where they perform music together and meet and work with world-acclaimed pianist Lang Lang, who is a global brand ambassador of Allianz.


 “With Lang Lang, we added a new dimension to our sponsorship portfolio and it is wonderful to see that as a trusted partner and insurer of sports, culture and youth, we were able to reach out to music lovers, young and old, by making our brand more tangible and emotional,” – Joseph K. Gross, Global Head of Market Management of Allianz SE.


“Observing a new generation of music ambassadors, kids playing together, sharing their common passion and spreading the message of the power of music to a wider audience makes me feel very optimistic about the future of the piano world”, says Lang Lang.



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