Palm Springs Elementary

“When the world is silent, music speaks”

– Author unknown

The gift of piano music is coming to Hialeah, Florida. Palm Springs Elementary, a Miami-Dade County Public School, is proud to announce it has been chosen as a recipient of the Lang Lang Keys of Inspiration Piano Lab Grant. This grant will give all our students – a diverse body of nearly 600 Pre-Kindergarten through 5th graders – a new opportunity to explore the beauty of music and reap all its benefits and rewards.

Thanks to the Lang Lang International Music Foundation, the Keys of Inspiration (KOI) Program will provide a powerful fine arts springboard to set students’ minds and skills in motion, allowing them to discover and achieve their fullest potential. In addition to building skills in music literacy, expression and craftsmanship, KOI will nurture artistic growth and academic success, build character and support the developmental needs of our students. We are excited about its potential to reach and benefit all types of learners while giving equal opportunity to everyone. Just as music is made up of many melodies, our school is represented by children with a wide range of abilities with over half of our population consisting of English Language Learners and a tenth of Students with Disabilities.

Keys of Inspiration is an invaluable resource and spectacular addition to the music education program we are trying to build. Presently, our full-time music teacher, Ms. Butler, a former Broadway performer and local gospel singer, has crafted a multi-faceted journey of musical discovery that includes classes for all, a chorus group and a strings ensemble. Thanks to her instruction and the support of many faculty which share her passion, our children are able to proudly showcase their talents at school-sponsored events and community events throughout the city, including the Guajiro City Festival and the Superintendent’s annual Spring Concert. Continuing the tune of our success, this grant ensures increased opportunities for our students continued involvement in the local community and perhaps beyond. Indeed with the support of this partnership, our commitment to providing a well-rounded high quality educational program will be realized.

Until now, limited resources meant students had to audition for a rare and highly coveted spot in the Strings Ensemble to play a high quality instrument. Through the philanthropy of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation and the Keys of Inspiration Piano Lab Grant, every student in every class will get the opportunity to play a high quality instrument. We feel privileged and grateful. KOI is the perfect means to take our music education program to the next level, catapulting our students to new heights by multiplying the breadth of their creative exposure. Thanks to the grant, we will continue to pursue our vision of sparking a fire for learning, within the beacon of the arts, in an ever-broadening music program.

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