Young Scholar Alumni Amir Siraj’s – quick interview about Piano

How many hours do you think our young scholar alumnus Amir Siraj practices piano every day? Learn about his practicing habits and relationship with piano in the interview below!

When did you start to learn piano?

I started learning piano at the age of four, following in the footsteps of my older sisters, who had started learning piano at the ages of five and six.

How long did you practice piano every day? Did that change over time?

When I first started playing piano, my teacher was very cautious because of my young age, and didn’t want to turn me away from the piano. Therefore at the beginning, my practicing was very limited, and it naturally grew over time.

Do you still practice every day? What’s your daily practice routine like?

Yes. I practice every day. My specific routine depends on the day, but it usually consists of scales and arpeggios, followed by working on a few pieces.

How do you balance your school work and piano practice? (Please provide some details)

I am enrolled in the Harvard-New England Conservatory of Music Dual Degree Program, which builds in a balance for me between academic and musical work.

How would you describe your relationship with piano presently?

Piano provides me with an escape — a way to express myself organically and fully.

What was the most interesting thing during the piano learning? (Please give an example)

It was very gratifying to play glissandos for the first time!

Do you remember any specific difficulty that you ran into during piano practice? And how did you overcome that? (Please give an example)

It was difficult to learn trills with the third, fourth, and fifth fingers, and it took me quite a bit of perseverance to get it. Practice makes perfect.

What’s your favorite piece to play, why?

My favorite piece tends to change depending on what I’m playing at the moment. Mozart K. 570 has remarkable elegance, simplicity, and humor.


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