Chengdonglu Public School – Pilot School in China

“Music makes life better. It heals, unites and inspires, and it makes us better people. Music is powerful. I want every child to have access to music experiences that ignite something wonderful inside of them, just as music delivered something incredible for me.”

Lang Lang


In Nov 2016, the Lang Lang International Music Foundation® (LLIMF) donated a piano lab to the Chengdonglu Public School in Peng’an County in collaboration with The ONE piano. Peng’an County is one of the poorest “State Poverty Counties”. None of the primary public schools in Peng’an County have a piano lab. With a belief that every child should have equal access to music and pianos as well as equal opportunities to be inspired and motivated, we decided to launch our Keys of Inspiration® (KOI) pilot program in Chengdonglu Public School.

The ONE pianos are connected with monitors that allow students to take interactive lessons, making piano learning much more interactive and fun. It also allows the teacher to control each keyboard in the classroom and see how each student plays from the teacher’s monitor.

After the setup of KOI piano lab, Chengdonglu Public School was honored by the Department of Education with “The Base of Music Education” award in Peng’an County. The administer of the DOE in Peng’an County was excited to prompt the Chengdonglu Public School as the model of music education, to encourage other public schools seeking similar opportunities to improve the music education. He also expressed that he strongly hopes that the LLIMF will expand the program in Peng’an County and across the country. Music has made the students’ school lives and personal lives much better.

Chengdonglu Public School was the pilot school for the KOI program’s launching in China and it was extremely successful. 7 pianos were donated to the school and the teacher has been receiving sufficient training since then. We decided to expand this program in China, our dream, also Lang Lang’s dream is to allow all the kids in China have equal access to piano!

We will donate 20-30 The ONE smart pianos to each selected school, depending on the size of the school and classroom, we will provide maintenance and teacher training workshops to make sure the teachers are able to provide fun, high quality classes, as well as the latest Lang Lang Piano Method books for each student!

We can’t wait to bring this interactive and effective teaching system to more and more children’s life!
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