Shuheng Zhang

“I am incredibly excited and honor to join the Lang Lang International Music Foundation family as a young scholar.  I attended 2016 Allianz Junior Music Camp, which was such an impactful and enjoyable experience for me.  Through the camp, I got to know more about the foundation, its people and its mission. So I am really looking forward to join the Lang Lang Young Scholars Program.

I am looking most forward to learning more about music through the mentorship of Lang Lang and other great musicians, meeting other young scholars, and sharing my craft of performing to the public, especially, the next generation. I am always excited to learn about music, whether it be how music is performed, or how it is made, or just simply why music sounds the way it does; it’s all very fascinating and meaningful to me. I also am looking forward to meeting other Young Scholars because I always love being with people who share the same passion of music as I do, which always inspires me to become a better musician.  Finally, I deeply enjoy performing music for others. Even though the cliché of “music is the universal language” has been overused almost to the point of meaninglessness, I believe there are still many truths that lie behind the statement. Music is something that everyone can relate with and enjoy, no matter how negative their view on all other subjects of the world are, as I have yet to meet a single person who claims that they do not enjoy music of any sort. Because of this, I want to spread music as a way for all people to relate with each other, to reconcile their differences, and to bring some form of common understanding between all people, and I believe that the Lang Lang Young Scholars Program, with its Keys of Inspiration and Play It Forward.™, will be a huge step forth in completing that vision.”

15-year-old Shuheng Zhang, a proud Lang Lang International Foundation Young Scholar, has been passionate about music ever since he started piano lessons at almost 9 years old. He has won top prizes in many competitions such as Thousand Islands International Chopin Competition, David Dubois Piano Competition, MTNA Michigan Competition,  MMTA SAT Solo and Concerto Competitions, Albion College International Piano Festival, to name a few. A frequent participant inprestigious piano festivals, Shuheng was selected to attend Lang Lang International Foundation 2016 Allianz Junior Music Camp held in Poland, 2017 Gina Bachauer International Piano Festival at Salt Lake City, and 2017 Piano Summer at SUNY New Paltz with full scholarship. He was also the youngest finalists of the 2016 MostArts Festival Piano Competition where he performed as a soloist with the MostArts Festival Orchestra. Shuheng has performed in masterclasses given by renowned pianists such as Dag Achatz, Alan Chow, Paulina Dokovska, Sean Duggan, Douglas Humphreys, Lang Lang, Panayis Lyras, John O’Conor, Robert Shannon, Sasha Starcevich and Nelita True, among others , and been praised for his sensitivity, interpretation and musicianship. Shuheng is very grateful for all the individuals and organizations who have been involved in his development in music, especially, his current teacher Logan Skelton, former teacher Mary Siciliano, Tian Tian,with whom Shuheng takes lessons regularly, and  The Tuesday Musicale of Detroit.

Shuheng loves sharing his passion for music with the community; he has been frequently giving outreach performances at schools and senior living houses.   A well-rounded student, Shuheng excels in all school academic subjects and is serving in the board of his school’s student government.

Aside from  piano, Shuheng enjoys playing hockey, jogging, and reading.



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