Sedgefield Elementary

Sedgefield Elementary is a Title 1 school with around 550 students, 60+% of whom are English Language Learners. The Keys of Inspiration Program is a beautiful way to reach my students with a universal language that transcends culture, race, socio-economics, and academic achievement, and reaches into the soul. Children have some kind of music in their lives every single day, whether on an electronic device or in the car. Putting them in front of a piano will give them the opportunity to unlock their creativity and find a musical voice of their own. Appreciating and making music will be a powerful way to ignite their imagination and inspire them to grow.

Sedgefield is the perfect place for the Keys of Inspiration. Our school climate is ripe with interest in music and our kids are hungry for new experiences. With a large population of English Language learners, we want to take advantage of every opportunity to reinforce reading skills, hand eye coordination, and right/left brain activities. Our students and parents are very interested but in many cases cannot afford private lessons. Administration and staff is committed and willing to support the implementation, and in fact are excited about the positive impact that the program will have on our students.

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