Sassarini Elementary School

Sassarini Elementary is thrilled to have Keys of Inspiration on our site!  Keys of Inspiration is providing both the school and our students with a sense of identity in our community, a fine arts education and an experience that our student body won’t get anywhere else.  I have a personal vision that Sassarini will grow to also offer an engineering lab which would compliment our amazing Keys program allowing Sassarini to present our community with both a fine arts and science themed experience, kindergarten through 5th grade!

Our district, though small by comparison, offers a rich array of electives across the Kinder through 12th grade spectrum.  Having worked at Sonoma Valley High School for 6 years as a vice principal and overseeing our elective programs I am thrilled to now offer a program that aligns so well with our performing arts electives at the secondary level.  I look forward to building a relationship with secondary students and teachers to come visit and work with our youngsters.  Without Keys of Inspiration, these experiences would not have been realized or  a reality.

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