Jenny Kong

“I am so lucky that I can study music. I can play the piano, share my music with others, go to different concerts, and perform on the  stage. I really feel thankful for these. All these chances have helped me to develop myself, and made me more confident, active and sociable. To me, music is with vitality, it can communicate with people in soul, and create every magic moment on the stage. Music is magnificent and spectacular, and it is reflection of one’s life. Music is part of my life, it is essential and indispensable. It brings joy, and touches our soul.”


I was very fortunate and honoured to become a Young Scholar 2016 – 2018 of LLIMF. This is a great opportunity for me to develop my talents and enhance my piano skills. Through this program I can know a lot of friends from different countries who also love music, and we can exchange our ideas and experiences with one another. I will also have chances to study with Lang Lang and other great musicians and perform in various concerts. I can broaden my horizons and enrich my musical knowledge. I am definitely grateful to be one of the members of the Lang Lang Foundation Young Scholars family!”

Jenny, 12 years old, is now a Secondary 1 student studying at St Paul’s Convent School in Hong Kong. She started learning piano at the age of 5. She was admitted to the Junior Music Program of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) majoring in piano at the age of 10 and has been studying under Dr Cheng Wai. Jenny was the pianist of school choir of her primary school from 2012-2015.

Jenny was awarded a lot of prizes in various competitions. In 2012, she won the first prize award of Czerny 849 class, the third prize award of Children Class B and third prize of Children’s Pieces B in the 17th Hong Kong-Asia Piano Open Competition. In 2014, she won the first prize of Grade 8 Piano Solo in the 66th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival and the first prize of 14th Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) Piano Competition. In 2015, she was the champion in the Composer of The Year category in 67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, the first prize of Trinity College London ATCL Recital Group of The sixth Asian Young Music Competition.

In 2014, she was selected to perform at the “Yes I Can Recital 2014” radio and TV program of Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK). In 2015, she was invited to perform in the 67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Prize-winners’ Concert. At the same year, she had taken the ATCL Recital.

This year, Jenny got the first prize of  Youth Senior Group of 2016 3rd Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Youth Piano competition and first prize of Adolescent group of The 3rd Hong Kong International Music Festival. At the end of May 2016, Jenny was invited to hold a solo concert in the Purple Crown International Piano Music Festival in the Middle School of China Conservatory of Music in Bejing. She was invited to perform in Schlern International Music Festival in Italy. As a Young Scholar, she was invited by LLIMF to join Oxford Philomusica Piano Festival in London this summer. She also be invited to participate the Summer Music Summit in Chicago, in which Jenny will perform Beethoven Piano Concerto with local Orchestra as well as piano solo.

With sensitive and perfect pitch, it’s clear that Jenny was born for music.  While she was still in her mum’s tummy, she listened to the music her elder sister played. She devotes most of her leisure time to music, she even listens to music when she is having her meals. Whenever she listens to music, she can feel the music flowing to the ceiling. She loves listening to concertos, symphonies and other kinds of music. Her favorite piece is Piano Concerto No.1 by Chopin. Jenny also loves to share her music with others. ‘I think music has a magic power in it because it can communicate with audiences in soul and creates every magic moment on the stage.’ Being an international pianist is her dream.

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