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Apply to become a Young Volunteer of the LLIMF Play it Forward Program

We are looking for young talented pianist in the Tri-State area for our volunteer program, Play it Forward®.

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Play It Forward® – A program of music & art giving inspiration & care 

Play It Forward provides a meaningful experience where the magic of creating and sharing music and art supports, nurtures and benefits individuals of all ages and abilities.  The program lifts people up and opens the door to discovering and exploring the creativity around them and within them.

What is the Play It Forward® Program?

The Lang Lang International Music Foundation®, in conjunction with its Young Scholars and Volunteer Community Program and in collaboration with Arts For Healing, brings the nurturing properties and joys of music and art to groups of all ages and abilities.  This 90 minute Play It Forward program will offer children, adults and/or seniors in hospitals, rehab centers, homeless shelters, community centers, senior centers, and more, the opportunity to exercise their imagination and creativity in order to experience active and positive participation in the magic that music and art provide. This uplifting experience has a lasting impact that stays with the individual beyond the session.


The first 45 minutes of the program includes s a Lang Lang International Music Foundation’s® Young Scholar or Volunteer Community pianist to utilize his/her talents beyond the concert stage.  Each program gives the young musician the very special opportunity to perform for your group and enables the audience to share the physical and emotional benefits of listening to music and absorbing the sounds of a variety of classic pieces.  The melody, harmony, and rhythm all become a catalyst for artistic self- expression, as the Arts For Healing art therapist simultaneously offers a range of expressive possibilities through paint, drawing, clay and other art materials.

The second 45 minutes of the program, designed and carried out by an Arts For Healing music therapist, will enable your group to transition from being listeners to being active music makers. They will become the composers and creative musicians by engaging in an improvisatory, interactive musical experience led by the music therapist and they may interact musically with the young musician who had earlier performed. As themes are introduced, the participants will have the opportunity to expand on those themes using their musical imagination to express their own ideas through the various instruments.

Research shows that music and art have a proven positive impact in many ways:


  • Encourage the verbal/non-verbal self-expression of thoughts and feelings
  • Help people process and work through pain and/or traumatic experiences
  • Facilitate positive self-esteem, positive body image and/or adaptation to physical limitations
  • Promote a sense of independence, feelings of control and problem- solving skills
  • Create and retrieve memories through music and art experiences
  • Learn effective techniques to self-manage depression, stress and anxiety
  • Facilitate hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills while easing muscle tension
  • Raise awareness and orientation to things such as time, date and place
  • Increase attention-span and decrease frustration level
  • Provide an opportunity to enhance emotional imagination, be creative and have fun

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