Kate Xintong Lee (李欣潼)

Scholar 2011 -2013

Kate was born in Milan in 2001. She lived there for 3 years until her parents brought her back to Hong Kong in 2004. She is now in primary 5 at the Diocesan Girls’ Junior School. Kate started to learn the piano with Tsui San Ying at four years old. She was admitted to the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2007 first as a student of Julie Kuok, then currently with Professor Eleanor Wong.Kate passed ABRSM Grade 8 piano exam with distinction at the age of 8. She won numerous competitions including the 73rd Steinway & Sons International Children & Youth Piano Competition China Region 2009, first place in the Hong Kong Young Musician of the Year 2008 Grade 5 as well as first prizes in various occasions in the Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. In May 2010, she was interviewed and performed in Children’s Corner on the RTHK Channel 4 program.

Kate often expresses her gratitude to her good teachers. “I remember at the beginning I found Bach very boring. Then somehow, also thanks to my good teachers who explained to me how to listen and how to make up stories, and this boring Bach is actually full of interesting amusing fun. Each phrase tells a story, tells a scene. “

Kate enjoys her sentimental expression with classical music and sharing it with all on a big stage. One of her favorite recordings is the Chopin Nocturne. “I choose this because after all the fast and happy tunes, I played this and realized the slow and sentimental tunes made me feel well too, as if the sadness really went away with the tunes, with the legato notes. Then I am happy again.” Being brought up in the local Hong Kong culture, nevertheless, influences of the early Italian years are noticeable in her character. Kate is often recognized by her bright smile, being joyful, optimistic, positive, yet inevitably sentimental and moody at times.

Kate likes to swim. She is also a big fan of origami and enjoys making the delicate miniature roses out of her tiny square pieces of precious paper. Kate likes drama and she likes pop music too. She likes Grease, the love story. She likes Michael Jackson, the moonwalk. She loves Chopin, Debussy, Beethoven, Mozart… “I like the piano. I like to perform. I usually play better on the stage then in the practice room. I am proud of it and I would be happy to share this joy with all.”

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