Southwark Elementary School

Southwark School is a diverse PreK – 8th Grade school with 790 students located in the heart of South Philadelphia.  Within our population, we speak 7 major languages besides English, including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepali, Khmer, Burmese, and Indonesian. Having recently been named as one of the first schools to become a community school through the Mayor’s Office of Education, Southwark is energized with new possibilities. Along with over 30 community partners, Southwark’s staff will continue to dream big for the students and families of our school.
With Southwark’s diverse population, music and art are amazing opportunities for our students to work together and communicate with a universal language. When you walk our hallways, artwork and classwork line the walls. We take pride in displaying the progress of our students, and during Mayor Kenney’s recent visit, we took advantage of the opportunity to perform in our new Piano Lab. By request of Mayor Kenney and his team, the children played a double encore with wide smiles. It is thanks to Lang Lang and his Keys for Inspiration grant that Southwark could employ a full-time music teacher with new pianos, delivering musical education to all of our students.
“My ultimate goal is for students to have a lifelong appreciation of music. So if they go into a voting booth and have to make a decision whether to keep or cut funding for music education, they vote to keep it. The piano lab is so important for their foundational music knowledge, to become whatever level of musician they want to be. Having 33 pianos in one room is a teacher’s dream and this wouldn’t be possible without Lang Lang. The students amaze me everyday.”
-Ms. Meghan Moates, Music Teacher, Southwark School
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