Fox Chase School

The Fox Chase Academics Plus School provides a safe and secure environment where each child and adult is encouraged and provided the opportunities to attain his/her highest academic, social, and physical level of achievement.

School’s mission is to provide meaningful instruction in a secure environment. Their high expectations will encourage lifelong, critical thinkers who are responsible and respectful of their community and the world.

The Keys of Inspiration Program has given our students the opportunity to experience music as an ensemble while individually developing their understanding of musical literacy, composition, expression and performance. Our student population is culturally diverse and our students represent a wide range of academic abilities. The Keys of Inspiration Program meets the needs of all of our students by offering a hands-on approach to learning, meeting our students where they are academically.

Our community is excited to see the students’ progress and gain not only a better understanding of music, but a passion for the subject of music and a want to pursue it outside of the classroom. At Fox Chase Elementary School, we believe the Keys of Inspiration Program has given us the foundation to build a spectacular framework for a state-of-the-art music education experience.

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