Haus Der Musik


In cooperation with Haus der Musik, The Lang Lang International Foundation launched STAIRPLAY, an interactive approach to music education. This innovative installation allows visitors to run, jump, dance and play along a set of fixed stairs with 13 motion-sensitive steps, creating an interactive piano. Guests become composers and musicians as they discover the magic and joy of creating music. Our musical staircase was designed for those with little knowledge of music theory, providing a practical experience which makes it easy and fun to learn the notes. STAIRPLAY engages the imagination, while providing visitors with the opportunity to discover and learn along the way.

Haus der Musik conveys musical content in a new and innovative way. At the centre of its educational approach lie interactive and unconventional formats. With its newly developed resounding staircase Haus der Musik stays true to its mission of linking theoretical aspects of music with tangible and practical experiences. The Sound Museum presents a new music education project. It combines an educational concept developed by Prof. Hubert Gruber with an interactive staircase created in collaboration with the University of Graz. The grand staircase at the entrance of the Sound Museum’s exhibition space turns into an interactive piano. 13 steps have been made motion sensitive and thus become piano keys. The corresponding musical notation is projected onto a wall panel. Visitors discover the relationship between instrument and notation in a playful and immediate manner. They learn to understand and apply the system of music notation step by step and in a natural and fun way. Additionally a new web-based learning game will be developed for children and adults alike.

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