Orchard Gardens

School’s mission is to be a school that values and celebrates strong relationships between students, staff, families, and the community, and ensures that, through these relationships, students are guaranteed a rigorous academic experience, taught to believe in their ability to achieve and offered a wide range of enrichments to be fully prepared for success in college and career.

Orchard Gardens has been recognized by the Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick and First Lady Michelle Obama for its rapid improvement, strong instructional focus, and commitment to arts integration. Our students have demonstrated extraordinary academic growth in mathematics and English Language Arts over this time, ranking in the top 10% of all schools in Massachusetts in growth on the MCAS during this period.

The piano lab and KOI program at Orchard Gardens is important to our community because it helps us to fulfill our mission. Our commitment to arts integration for all students could not be realized without the support of partners who share our vision. Through KOI, hundreds of our students are exposed to piano instruction, allowing many of them to create a pathway to high schools and colleges focused on the arts. Furthermore, music instruction is especially effective with our English Language Learners, who are able to experience rapid progress in the arts as they word toward language and academic proficiency. KOI is central to our work, and it allows us to ensure that every child who passes through our doors is able to express themselves and envision a creative and successful future.

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