Semi Finalists

Dear Junior Music Camp Applicants,

A huge thanks goes out to all 300 of you from all over the globe who expressed interest in being a part of our Inaugural Junior Music Camp in Munich, Germany 2013!

All of you showed great passion, personality and outstanding musical ability. We wish there was room for everyone, however we are limited to only a select few. It was very difficult for us to choose because each of you was more than qualified.

I wish you all the best in your musical lives and I look forward to staying in touch.

Thank You for sharing your love of music!


Leszek Lukas Barwinski

Executive Director


50 Semi Finalists:

Aliya Marie Alsafa

Nariman Nariman Amiraslanov

Elisa Maria Barile

Viviana Zarah Baudis

Michael Boros Brambauer

Gloria Mei-en Cai

Isaac (Zak) Jacobs Cebon

Zi Qing Chai

Julian Yie Jian Chee

William Z. Chen

Emmanuel Coulombe

Faye Natalie Evans

Avery Lin Gagliano

Carl Julian Grondahl

Sophia  Guofun Guan

Laetitia Noemi Hahn

Kimberly Han

George Louis Harliono-Evans

Elisabeth Maria-Bernadette Hermelink

Alasdair Makoto Takahashi Howell

Mika Iwai

Ji Won Jung

Malgorzata Kulesza

Malvyn Lai

Shuan Hern Lee

Kelvin Man Yiu Leung

Siben Brian Li

Eric Xi Xin Liang

Daniela Liebman

Siyuan Liu

Coco Melodie Ma

Matias Otto Mattheiszen

Wenhao Meng

Mak Muni Mihevc

Tristan H. Paradee

Evgeni Rafael Petrichev

Maximilian Götz Reichart

Laylo Abdukadirovna Rikhsieva

Mario Sarcuno

Clayton Stephenson Bo Stephenson

Jan Jan Šubrt

Chang Sun

Charis Oi-Yei Tang

Enrique Araque Toral

Nicolas Alexander Veal Baschwitz

Ranfei Richard Wang

Elliot S. Wuu

Hanyu XU

Ziying Zhang

Haihui Zhu



Our Apologies, for technical reasons we are only able to present you the YouTube videos. 


Special thanks to our local cooperation partners


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