Dear Junior Music Camp Applicants,

Thanks to all of the 300 applicants who showed us an incredibly high level of musicianship and personalty.  I sure hope to meet you in the years to come.

Now, we are very happy to present the names of the 12 Participants of the Inaugural Junior Music Camp in Munich 2013!!

I hope you will enjoy the program, the city and experience an unforgettable opportunity.

See you all very soon!



Leszek Lukas Barwinski

Executive Director

Aliya Marie Alsafa – 9 years old, USA

Michael Boros Brambauer – 10 years old, Hungary

Avery Lin Gagliano – 12 years old, USA

Laetitia Noemi Hahn – 10 years old, Germany

George Louis Harliono-Evans – 12 years old, UK

Elisabeth Maria-Bernadette Hermelink – 14 years old, Germany

Daniela Liebman – 11 years old, USA / Mexico

Coco Melodie Ma – 13 years old, Canada

Clayton Bo Stephenson – 14 years old, USA

Enrique Araque Toral – 14 years old, Spain

Elliot S. Wuu –  14 years old, USA

Haihui Zhu – 14 years old, China



Our Apologies, for technical reasons we are only able to present videos of Haihui Zhu.


Special thanks to our local cooperation partners



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