Steinway Artist Lang Lang is a world famous pianist who is credited of inspiring 40 million children in China to learn piano (the famous “Lang Lang Effect”). In recent years, Lang Lang has been taking his talent out to other parts of the world. hoping to inspire children the same way across the globe. As part of the program is called  Lang Lang Inspires.

On May 22, 2011, Lang Lang and 100 outstanding British young pianists conquered the Royal Festival Hall stage in London with their dazzling performance. This event was organized by Lang Lang International Music Foundation®, with Southbank Center, an united Kindom based classical piano organization as a partner.

There are over 500 internet audition entries for the open call. Lang Lang himself selected and narrowed down to 102 children ranging in age from 6~23 years old.

All the instruments used in this event were sponsored by Steinway hall – London. These pianos definitely lightened the London Royal Festival Hall stage.

Tickets for this event were sold out months before. The audience was much satisfied with the performance. Six bright young pianists were selected as the finalists for solo performances. The rest of the group got the opportunity to play with Lang Lang, conducted by James Lowe. Beethoven’s Fifth was played during the finale.

The 101 Pianists® event has yet traveled to lots of major cities internationally, the spirit of music and Lang Lang’s inspiring image will continue to affect more children to learn to love and be passionate about classical music.



During his 10-day residency with the London Symphony Orchestra, Lang Lang carved out time to participate in various educational activities and to inspire Britain’s young classical music fans and future stars. From the beginning of LSO Residency, Lang Lang’s first priority was to connect with children. On Saturday, April 18 he gave an unprecedented workshop for 100 piano players.

Participating in the workshop were children and adults of all ages – ranging from grade 2 to professional standard players — and who came from all across the UK, including London, Kent, the West Midlands, Teesside and Northern Ireland to play alongside and learn from the world-star. Later in the day, Lang Lang conducted a masterclass for students form the Guildhall School of Music. He joined other Chinese pianists at St. Luke’s for a performance that was followed by an online Q&A session. Lang Lang performed Bartok’s piano concerto No. 2, the UK premier of Chinese composer Tan Dun’s piano concerto, and concluded with a solo recital. His nonstop schedule during his residency showed his tireless enthusiasm for sharing his love of classical music with the world.


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