Lang Lang in rehearsal with 100 piano students.

Franz Schubert
Marche militaire No. 1 in D major, D 733 (Op. 51)


Lang Lang collaborated with the Berliner Philharmoniker’s Education Program during his residency to produce a 100 Piano Extravaganza, a production inspired by the success of the original 100 Pianos Extravaganza event in London in April, 2009. One hundred students of all ages and various skill levels were brought together on one stage under the guidance of Lang Lang to perform Franz Schubert’s March Militaire in D major with a four hands piano composition.

After two months of practicing individually, the selected students sat down at the piano in newly formed pairs and were inspired by the shared experience of playing with a partner and the community effort of making music. While Lang Lang gave technical instruction and performance notes an enthralled audience of almost 3,000 watched the creative, rehearsal process and a few hours later enjoyed the final concert.

Later in the day Lang Lang gave a public master class to two piano students, Daniel Seng and Daniel Schneidt, from local Berlin music academies at the Chamber Music Hall. The room was filled with about 1,500 piano students and lovers of classical music who watched and learned from the instruction that was taking place on stage.

Whether leading a group of 100 students or giving one on one instruction, Lang Lang’s natural teaching ability and engaging style enable him to honestly connect with others. Both events were part of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation’s® and Berliner Philharmoniker’s music education programs. A special chamber music program with the Orchestra Academy of the Berliner Philharmoniker and Lang Lang capped off the day of musical collaboration.


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