Miramonte Elementary

At Miramonte we believe that music education is an essential component of a student’s school experience. Music provides students with a creative outlet, which is essential for promoting diversity and developing well-rounded individuals. In music lessons students are not just learning about notes and chords, they are also acquiring important life skills, such as collaboration. We value the social-emotional component that can be integrated within music lessons. It’s very powerful to see how students express their emotions during drum circle lessons and the emotional benefit that they have in our students. We have seen first-hand how music education positively impacts our students. Music education builds character, boosts self-esteem, improves focusing, develops a sense of responsibility, provides students with a purpose, and just as important it makes school fun!

Miramonte’s music program would not have grown into what we have today without the full support of all our stakeholders. Our teachers are already being engaged during our weekly music classes. We also offer and seek out professional development opportunities for teachers with musical skills or interested staff members in learning how to play the piano or other instruments. Mr. Vergara works closely with our staff and provides support with cross-curriculum activities. We believe in engaging the community through student performances. When parents see their children develop a musical skill, they are more likely to support our music program and encourage student participation. Music program and performances are a great community builder.

We believe that we are a perfect match for Keys of Inspiration. For the last eight years we have been building a music program that is ready to expand. Most importantly the Miramonte community is supportive and committed to music education. We have a great infrastructure in place and an excellent music teacher. Keys of inspiration at Miramonte would align perfectly with the work that Mr. Vergara has been doing with our young music makers.



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