Juliette Low School of the Arts

Juliette Low School of the Arts serves over 650 students in preschool through 6th grade in Anaheim, CA. We serve families from a rich variety of cultures and linguistic backgrounds. A passion for and appreciation of the Arts have long been a part of the Juliette Low culture. For many years, we have been grounded in the knowledge that arts are a crucial component of a full and rounded education. Our vision is to provide a high-quality, technology-rich and arts-infused 21st Century academic community that empowers and inspires every student to be a confident global citizen and critical thinker.

As a School of the Arts, we are confident that the Keys of Inspiration program will inspire our students to acquire musical skills and knowledge that complement their academic and artistic endeavors. The study of music will provide opportunities to collaborate, create, think critically, and communicate across all academic areas. We, at Juliette Low School of the Arts, believe that music is an outlet for expression that can support lifelong, socio-emotional needs and empower students to better communicate and understand the perspectives of others. Lang Lang’s Keys of Inspiration program and piano lab have the power to ignite a life-long passion for music and cultivate an engaging and positive climate in which students can connect to learning and humanity in a variety of ways.


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