Jefferson Elementary School

Jefferson Elementary School serves over 720 diverse students from over 40 different countries. We also provide EC services to more than 130 students and 112 students with receive service from our English Language teachers. We strive to focus on the growth of every single child; wherever they may be in their development of skills and concept acquisition and application. This can be challenging because there is often such a range of student abilities and or needs within one single classroom at Jefferson Elementary. Teachers focus on differentiating instruction for all students and work on providing an environment that reaches the whole child. The Keys of Inspiration piano program will greatly help us in creating such an environment.

We serve a uniquely diverse group of students and care about their academic, social and emotional growth. It is part of our school culture to “BE KIND” to all of our friends and neighbors. Our school mascot is the bald eagle. We refer to our school as “The Eagles Nest” and each classroom as our house because we believe that this space is more than a building. This space is where we shape who we are and who we become and how we will give back to the world in which we live. We know that this can only be achieved by connecting to the heart of each and every child. The Keys of Inspiration program lends itself to this philosophy because music connects to the deepest, truest part of our humanity: the desire to grow and serve. It connects to our innate desire to express and create beauty in the world and revel in the joy of that process.

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