James H. Bright/J.W. Johnson Elementary School

James H. Bright/J.W. Johnson Elementary School is very excited to be a recipient of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation Keys of Inspiration Grant. Our school has an enrollment of 600 Pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade students and over 100 of those students are in the Autism Spectrum Disorder program. All our students will certainly benefit from the new piano lab because this will help them develop language and reasoning skills, improve their ability to memorize, provide a sense of achievement, promote creativity through hands-on activities, learn about other cultures, and promote diversity.

James H. Bright/J.W. Johnson Elementary is a Title I school. The neighborhood surrounding the educational center is an area with socio-economic barriers and school attendance is an issue. The new piano lab will also help motivate students to want to come to school regularly, thus, their attendance and academics will improve, while having the opportunity to play and compose music on the piano and acquire musical skills.

We have a very enthusiastic and talented music teacher at James H. Bright/J.W. Johnson Elementary School who inspires students to love and appreciate music. Our students enjoy attending music class because the teacher makes every child feel that he/she can sing, play an instrument, and be inspired by music. The new piano lab will have a significant impact on the community because it will enable our students to be afforded the opportunity to receive piano instruction at the school site and to appreciate how inspiring it is to create live music while learning.



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