Irwin Jacobs Elementary School

Last week, we celebrated the opening of Irwin M. Jacobs Elementary School in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The state-of-the-art facility is named for our Board Director, @Dr. Irwin M. Jacobs, who will be honored alongside his wife, Joan Jacobs, as recipients of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award at our 10th Anniversary Gala this October!

Jacobs Elementary School was a 2017 recipient of our Keys of Inspiration piano lab, and the students have been thriving! Thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs for being such strong supporters of Keys of Inspiration, our partners at Roland for making this beautiful piano lab possible, Mayor Jon Mitchellfor helping us coordinate with New Bedford Public Schools, and theGRAMMY Music Education Coalition   for joining us in the day’s activities, and catching these photos!

Irwin Jacobs Elementary School in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is an innovative community school invested in the development of the whole child. Our school focuses on the diverse learning styles and strengths of our students in a project-based learning environment. The students of Irwin Jacobs Elementary School are diverse, creative, and inspiring young musicians. We have three hundred seventy-three children, and most of our students do not receive outside music instruction, so the opportunity that Keys of Inspiration is presenting to my students is exceptional. When I surveyed my students earlier this year and asked what instrument they would like to learn, the majority of my students chose the piano. They did not even know they will be receiving a full piano lab! Keys of Inspiration will allow my students to have the foundation to experience a creative outlet that they can continue in their futures.

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