Francis Scott Key Elementary School

Francis Scott Key serves a diverse student body of 470 students in grades K-6 with over 20 languages spoken by our students in the heart of South Philadelphia.  Over 50% of our student population are English Language Learners and Key school was built in 1889 and is the oldest continuously occupied public school in Philadelphia.  We serve the Lower Moyamensing community in South Philadelphia and many of our families are from Mexico, Cambodia, Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Vietnam, and Congo.  We have a full time music teacher and a growing music program as well as instrumental music being taught once a week at the school.  Students bring their rich experiences from their countries and we want to use that as a leverage to build a strong music program that reflects the history of our school and the diversity in our community.  

KOI is important to the Key School Community because many of them come as refugees or newly arrived immigrants and having an opportunity to learn how to play the piano, would be such a wonderful experience for them, that they would otherwise could not afford.  The Keys of Inspiration will give my students a platform to be creative, cultivate self-confidence, and provide all students access to classical music through piano lessons.  With over 20 languages spoken at my school, music is the one common thread that brings everyone together and it truly is a universal language.
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