First Avenue School

First Avenue School is a public school located on the northern ward of Newark. We serve a large population of students and provide them with a versatile education. Students at First Avenue are given the opportunity to not only expand their knowledge in academic subjects, but are also provided many learning opportunities in both the visual and performing arts.

My students currently learn the fundamentals of music in a general music class. In middle school, they are able to choose an elective to further their learning and education in the arts. Having my students learn on keyboards and be able to experience music in that way will be priceless. My students will be able to hear their progress as they continue to learn musical notes and various songs.

This grant will allow my students to have access to instruments they would not have had before. Families and our school community will also be able to see and hear the progress students are making on the instruments and towards their individual music goals. Having keyboards here will also serve as a stepping stone for my students to learning the basics at an early age and then be able to continue playing an instrument as they get older. This could be a door opened for them as they go on to high school and beyond.

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