Dr. Horton Elementary

Dr. William H. Horton school is located in the city of Newark, NJ. Our school offers K-8th grade education in one of the most densely populated schools in the North Ward. Our student body is both urban and diverse. Our mission statement is to be a, “high performing school that engages all students in exemplary teaching and learning experiences that are rigorous, differentiated, meaningful and memorable and take place in a safe and orderly environment.” We have a vision of collaboration where we, “aim to educate and instill values of safety, respect, and responsibility to ensure social and academic growth and success for all.”

In conjunction with the Lang Lang International Music Foundation through the Keys of Inspiration program we will continue to improve and develop the educational programs at Dr. William H. Horton school. The piano lab grant will allow a higher level of music education for our students in keeping with our mission statement and furthering our vision.



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