CICS Bucktown

At CICS Bucktown, we work to inspire and support each child’s physical, social, emotional, and academic learning for success at school and beyond using blended learning with technology integrated into classrooms. In alignment with the Distinctive Schools strategic plan, CICS Bucktown identifies Personalized Learning, Social-Emotional Learning, and Diverse Learning as primary lenses. Our strategies for personalized learning involve the improved and refined use of the Summit Learning Model. Goal setting conversations with students and parents take place regularly, and our classroom environments have been designed with flexible learning spaces in mind. Flexible learning environment practices have also been developed with new teachers and improved with returning teachers.

Our strategies for social-emotional learning involves students building strong relationships with adults in the building through mentoring, where students are encouraged to discuss academic reflection, habits of success and social emotional needs. Community or Advisory meeting time is built into every student’s daily schedule. Weekly grade level meetings provide time for staff to analyze behavioral data in order to identify trends and develop intentional plans for support. Our strategies for diverse learning involve schedules that are designed with structured collaborative planning time to ensure special education and general education teachers are able to plan lessons together. Our bilingual model is thriving for full-time EL students in K-2; teachers will receive additional training on the model.

Keys Of Inspiration is so important to our Bucktown community and we are very excited about it! Many of our students are unable to have pianos or take piano lessons. This gives them a unique opportunity to explore something that they might be passionate or really good at. With all of the influence on reading and math, we are very excited to be focusing time and energy on the arts, and in turn, giving our students an experience they will always remember. We may have some future pianists on our hands!

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