Boston Orchard Gardens

Orchard Gardens Pilot  School   is an an innovative school for kindergarten–grade 8 located in Roxbury MA, serving over 800 students. Recognized by the Governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick, and First Lady Michelle Obama, for its rapid improvement, strong instructional focus, and commitment to arts integration. Orchard Gardens was selected by the President’s Commission on the Arts & Humanities for using the arts to dramatically improve instruction. Their students have demonstrated extraordinary academic growth in mathematics and English Language Arts over this time, ranking in the top 10% of all schools in Massachusetts. Orchard Gardens is a true testament to the benefits of an arts education.

With a total of 79 students enrolled in Keys of Inspiration at Orchard Gardens, their program is flourishing.  All students receive instruction two times per week, during which, they receive thorough instruction. Teacher, Teresa Penezic-Herfindahl, uses books, flash cards, exercises, and audio recordings as teaching tools for music theory and ear training. Students listen to piano music during every class, usually as part of a warm-up exercise. Students also have opportunities to view performances of Lang Lang and other professional pianists.

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