Ariela Rossberg

Education Manager

After discovering the power of the arts at a young age, Ariela Rossberg devoted herself to the pursuit and exploration of creativity.  As a child, she often found herself in the music room at school, exploring the sounds and beauty of the piano. She grew up immersed in the world of theatre, and music always played a role. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from The Pennsylvania State University, she set out in the world to make art and make change.

After graduating, she worked at The Metropolitan Opera as a Fundraising Representative. The following summer, a creative workshop with a former professor changed her life. She immersed herself in the study of the creative process, and wrote her debut children’s book, The Gray Days. After its release in September 2012, it maintained a place on Amazon’s Best-Seller List for Children’s Books for several weeks. She began to offer creative workshops in classrooms, and it was there that she discovered her passion for the development and application of creative programming for children.  She designed an Imagination Workshop for students, which she has led in over fifty classrooms and several children’s hospitals.

She then spent two years traveling, writing, and hosting literary events. During this time, she discovered the need for arts education as a means of offering young people an outlet of expression, and of bridging cultural gaps. She is dedicated to providing creative opportunities for children, and believes in the power and universality of music.

Ms. Rossberg is immensely proud to be part of The Lang Lang International Music Foundation, where she can work to make a difference in the lives of children.

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