Priority Programs

As part of our mission to inspire and educate the next generation of classical music lovers and performers, we design and implement a variety of programs focused on children.


Lang Lang’s Keys of Inspiration
Often referred to as the “Athens of America,” Boston, Massachusetts is a world-class center of arts and culture.  Yet the vast majority of its public school children have very limited opportunities to experience the joy of playing classical music.   Not only is it absent from the classroom, but most students come from low-income households and lack the resources to pursue formal study in music appreciation and performance outside the classroom as well.  Lang Lang International Music Foundation together with Boston Arts Academy (BAA), Boston’s only public high school for the visual and performing arts, is excited to propose a public school partnership that will establish a replicable pathway into the world of classical music for 9-18 year olds. Boston Arts Academy has developed Lang Lang’s Keys of Inspiration, a program that will ignite the passion for classical music in the next generation and serve as a model for other urban public schools around the country and the world.

Young Scholars Program
The Young Scholars program is the longest running initiative of the Foundation. Lang Lang personally selects talented young pianists from around the world and offers them mentorship, tutelage, and unique opportunities for performance.

As soon as the program reaches a critical number of countries, opportunities for real cultural exchange will be implemented. For the next round of selection, we are looking to secure sponsors for Young Scholars in China and England. Upon confirmation of sponsorships, we will launch a cross?cultural meeting of musical minds. The Foundation operates with the conviction that music is a universal language, and that the power of music can bring people together, across cultural and national divides, age, gender, and creed and they can bring messages of inspiration, tolerance, and acceptance to a global audience.

A key component of the Young Scholars program is what we call, “playing it forward.” The Foundation creates a platform for these young pianists to give back to their communities by performing for their same age peers through Lang Lang & Friends LIVE! concerts which are designed with a young audience in mind. The Young Scholars also give back by participating in the delivery of key components of the Lang Lang Foundation music curriculum in schools. This charitable component of the program supports the Foundation’s mission of bringing classical music to more children and supports our Young Scholars in providing engaging performances to a young audience in their local communities.

101 Pianists
The 101 Pianists event started in London in 2009, and has since had iterations in Berlin, San Francisco, China, and Toronto. The event is designed to be a social music experience for 100 young pianists from a single regional territory. Students audition to become a participant, prepare extensively before the event, hone their technical skills during the workshop, develop finer music sensibilities in collaborating with others, and participate in a live performance that builds confidence and motivates them to continue playing music. The piano students come from different musical training and economic backgrounds, demonstrating the diversity of the local youth music community. Many of the piano students are influenced by this unique opportunity to perform and the experience impacts their appreciation and love for piano and classical music for years to come.

Piano Masterclasses
Lang Lang has been giving masterclasses for years at some of the world’s most prestigious music schools. His exuberance and positive energy as a teacher makes his masterclasses informative for both audiences and participants. Our events usually include three students from the local area and last about 2 hours.

Unique Music Events
In addition to the above programs, the Foundation explores opportunities to host concerts for disaster relief, piano competitions, concerts involving a larger student music group such as an orchestra, or other performance artists. Additionally, the Foundation seeks opportunities to continue to test cutting edge technologies that bring classical music to more children.

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