Mission, Vision, and Strategies

The mission of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation is to educate, inspire and motivate the next generation of classical music lovers and performers. We encourage music performance at all levels as a means of social development for youth, building self-confidence and a drive for excellence.


We strive to ignite a passion for music in youth so that they can be leaders in bridging cultural gaps and helping unite local and global communities. Our hope is that cultural exchange through music, over time, will translate into a greater cultural awareness of humanity in our world. Since the founding of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation™ in 2008, Lang Lang has taken his commitment to music education to another level by developing sustainable, high impact, unique charitable activities, as well as establishing partnerships with dedicated organizations.


We design programs that are sustainable, scalable, measurable and meaningful. We develop partnerships with respected and trusted nonprofit and community organizations. We seek financial support from respected individuals, corporations, and foundations that share our vision.

We strive to:

•    Make classical music relevant to children today
•    Connect the world’s young music talent and help to create a network across cultural boundaries
•    Encourage a spirit of collaboration
•    Utilize technology to make music accessible, and develop innovative ways to teach music
•    Engage Lang Lang’s time, talents, and international network to inspire the next generation of music lovers