PS 214: Michael Friedsam

Public School 214K’s mission is to educate every child to his/her fullest potential. We provide a comprehensive, standards-driven instructional program designed to address the varied learning styles and ability levels of our students. We strive to build strong collaborative relationships with our families as they have an integral part in our students achieving standards of excellence. Public School 214K is located in City Line, a sub-section of East New York, Brooklyn, bordering Queens. As City Line is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn, we celebrate the diversity of our student population, which is largely Bengali and Hispanic.

One the goals for our students is to provide a full Arts program at PS 214K. To support this goal, we are privileged to partner with the Lang Lang Foundation for a full piano program in our school.  We graciously thank the Lang Lang Foundation for the grant.  Our students are provided instruction on how to play piano, learn the fundamentals of music theory, and build an appreciation for different genres of music. We integrate literacy and interdisciplinary themes into the music instruction.  Our acclaim is that our students graduate on to many top middle schools in District’s 19 and 27.

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NYC Lunar New Year – Student’s Day

The Lang Lang International Music Foundation is proud to present one of our newly selected young scholars Jeffrey Chin, as he will be performing at the Lobby of David Geffen Hall, Lincoln Center for the Lunar New Year celebration event for NYC students and residents. Our KOI School partner P.S 214, is also bringing in five talented students to perform at the event. We look forward to see you all at David Geffen Hall on Feb 16, 2018.

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